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Rencontre avec Mazyar Mirrahimi, responsable de l'équipe Quantic


Nous avons rencontré Mazyar Mirrahimi, responsable de l'équipe Quantic (QUANTum Information Circuits) créée le 1er janvier 2014.


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Charles Prud'homme


A constraint solver in Java

Jean-Michel Prima - 1/09/2016

A Java library for the modelling and solving of mathematical problems based on constraint programming (CP), Choco has become one of the most effective open source tools in its field. Charles Prud'homme, who is jointly in charge of development and a research engineer with the Tasc team in Nantes, looks back at the reasons behind this success and explains the appeal of such a solver for industry.


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Mathieu Acher, chercheur au sein de l'équipe DIVERSE

Engineering - software

Managing Variability in Software Product Lines

Jean-Michel Prima - 26/11/2015

A routine practice in manufacturing for decades, the concept of product lines is now pervading the software industry. Vendors dream of deriving myriad variations of their software in order to meet specific customer demands and to address more market segments. Yet, managing the complexity of thousands options is no trivial challenge. At this juncture, the virtues of Model-Driven Engineering become all the more relevant, as French scientist Mathieu Acher explains.


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Repairnator, an autonomous robot to repair computer bugs

Sophie Timsit - 4/09/2018

Like Terminator, Repairnator is a robot equipped with an artificial intelligence. The most recent creation of the Spirals* project team, it has been developed within the framework of the technology development initiative ADT LibRepair won in 2016 by post-doctoral researcher Simon Urli. Repairnator is the first repair bot capable of automatically repairing computer bugs on a large scale. In short, effective and autonomous software that saves other software programs from code errors – and an open source solution available to all developers.


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Pierre Derian, équipe Fluminance


Typhoon, a better software for estimating wind fields

Jean-Michel Prima - 24/03/2017

A computer-vision program born at Inria, Typhoon is meant to retrieve vector motion fields from image sequences of turbulent flows such as weather satellite photos. After being used by California State University, Chico in conjunction with lidar imagery to assess low-altitude wind fields, this innovative software is now reaching the industry. At stake: finding the best spots for future wind farms or estimating the atmospheric dispersion of pollutants.


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