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IP LABEL - Mobile network quality measurement

Société Ip-label -

The revolution of the Internet of Things needs optimum mobile networks. It is essential to have methods and tools to evaluate them in real context.


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Centre de Conception du Logiciel

Workshop : Code performance, energy, hybrid-compilation, and debugging

13/12/2016 to 14/12/2016

Inria Project-team Corse organizes on December 2016, 13-14 a workshop dedicated to code characterization, performance, energy, hybrid-compilation, and debugging, in the Centre de Conception du Logiciel (CCL), Grenoble.

Place : Minatec Campus, 17 Rue des Martyrs, Grenoble - Batiment 50C - Room C203/C206

Guest(s) : Alexandra Jimborean (Uppsala U.), Louis-Noël Pouchet (Colorado St. U.), Ayal Zaks (Intel), Kim Ahn (Uppsala U.), Fabian Grüber (Inria)


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International Conference on Measurement and Modeling of Computer Systems

ACM SIGMETRICS / IFIP Performance 2016

14/06/2016 to 18/06/2016

SIGMETRICS and Performance are respectively the flagship conferences of the ACM special interest group for the computer systems performance evaluation community and of the IFIP working group WG7.3 on performance modeling and analysis.

Every 3 years or so, the 2 conferences join and this will be the 13th joint conference (34th Performance and 42nd SIGMETRICS).The main conference will be held on June 15-17, 2016. There will be workshops and tutorials on June 14 and June 18, 2016.

Place : Congress Center Antibes Juin les Pins, France

Guest(s) : Keynote speeches by Philippe Jacquet (Bell labs) and Mor Harchor-Balter (CMU)


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Lionel Reveret Lionel Reveret - Inria Scientific Days 2019 - © Inria / Photo G. Scagnelli


Sport, augmented reality and performance

F. Polge-Cohen - 18/09/2019

Voiron, not far from Grenoble, is where top athletes from France’s Olympic rock-climbing centre go to train. We met up with Lionel Reveret, an Inria researcher who provides these athletes with technical and scientific support.


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Research Teams Seminar

Performance and Genericity Seminar (Research and Development Lab, EPITA)


The Loci Auto-Parallelizing framework provides a Domain Specific Language (DSL) for the creation of high performance numerical models.

Place : 11am - Amphi 4, LRDE, EPITA (14-16, rue Voltaire 94276 Le Kremlin-Bicêtre)

Guest(s) : Edward A. Luke, Professor (Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Mississippi State University)


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