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Software Heritage

Collect, organise, preserve and share the Software Heritage of mankind

Léa Angeli - 30/06/2016

Inria announces today the Software Heritage project, an ambitious initiative to collect, organise, preserve, and make easily accessible any already publicly available source code.

Sending messages to our family and friends, paying bills, purchasing goods, accessing entertainment, interacting with the public administration, finding information, booking travels: practically every act of our daily life relies on computers and software to be performed.

That is just the tip of the iceberg: software controls the electronic equipment embedded in the machines we use to travel, communicate, trade and exchange. 


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Horizon 2020

VESSEDIA: safety new software connected applications & devices

The VESSEDIA project, selected within the frame of the call 2016 on Digital Security under the framework-programme Horizon 2020, and coordinated by Technikon (Austria),  will bring safety and security to many new software connected applications and devices


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