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Workshop on Stochastic Geometry and Big Data


The Ayin team at INRIA is delighted to host an international workshop on Stochastic Geometry and Big Data. The workshop will be held on November 24th, 2015 at INRIA Sophia Antipolis Méditerranée, France.

Place : Inria Sophia Antipolis


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Netva Program 2015

An Inria startup in the spotlight in Silicon Valley

AB - 8/06/2015

XtremLogic, an Inria startup founded in 2014, has been selected for the NETVA 2015 program, which provides personalised support and mentoring to prepare the winners for taking on the American markets.


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Internet of things

Traxens has invented smart containers


Last September, when a container disappeared from the Port of Montreal, it took two days to find it... by which time it had been emptied of its load of silver ingots worth 10 million dollars. If this container had been equipped with the device created by TRAXENS in collaboration with the Fun project team of Inria Lille - North Europe, this expensive misadventure might have been able to be avoided.


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Paris Summit on Big data 2017


Yanlei Diao, member of CEDAR team, co-organize the second edition of the Paris Summit on Big Data to be held on Tuesday 9 May 2017 from 8am to 6pm at Télécom PariTech Paris.


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Hafiz Ahmed - © Inria

Inria thesis

Oysters give advance warning of pollution


A native of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, Hafiz Ahmed has been a student in France since his master’s degree. He is currently a PhD student in the Non-A project team (Non-Asymptotic estimation for online systems ) at the Inria Lille - Nord Europe Centre. This is a joint project team with Centrale Lille, the CNRS, and the Lille 1 University*). He is working on the development of models to study the behavior of oysters in marine ecosystems in the Arcachon Basin with the aim of identifying disturbances to their biological cycles that may be indicators of water-borne pollution.


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Teratec 2017


Inria TERATEC 2017

27/06/2017 to 28/06/2017

Inria will be present, as it is every year, at the TERATEC forum that will take place on the École polytechnique campus on 27 and 28 June. Researchers from the institute will present innovative technologies and participate in technical and application workshops on emerging technologies in the field of digital simulation, HPC and Big Data.

Place : campus de l'école polytechnique


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Power transition


Safety Line - Commands project-team (Inria Saclay - Île-de-France) -

Aircraft black boxes are full of valuable information about real aircraft performance. Machine learning is applied to this data to model real aircraft. Based on these results the optimization algorithm developed by COMMANDS is used to optimize fuel consumption, while acting on aircraft airspeed to reduce fuel consumption.


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© Sergey Nivens -

Inria Industry Meeting

Data analytics : Unlocking Knowledge and Value from Data

12th Novembre 2014 -

On 12th November 2014, Inria, in partnership with Cap Digital, CVSTENE and SystemX, organises an "Inria Industry meeting" focused on "Data Analytics". Co-located with the IEEE Conference Vis 2014, the premier forum for advances in data visualisation which brings together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry, it will take place at the Marriott Rive-Gauche Hotel in Paris. This half-day will be filled with discussions around technology demonstrations and conferences with speakers who will share their scientific, economic and industrial vision in the domain.


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