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Lille by Inria, n°3 : data, raw material and source of issues for digital sciences



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See the highlights of the RII # 50yearsInria


"Our imagination is the only limit for connected objects. Let's be strategic and flexible", Xavier Barras, director of operations, GS1 France, advises us, during the Inria-Industry Meeting dedicated to data and their applications


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ClinMine : analyser les parcours patients à l’hôpital


Length of hospitalization, care protocols, examination results, and transfer of records between doctors...French hospitals generate a significant amount of data. Knowing how to process and analyze them could enable an optimization of the patients' care. This is precisely the aim of the ANR ClinMine project, in which, notably, members of the Modal 1 project team from the Inria Lille - Nord Europe center have taken part.


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Séminaire des équipes de recherche

Séminaire Gallium


Data layout transformations such as array-of-structures to structure-of-arrays, peeling and splitting of records, can lead to significant performance improvement.

Place : Inria de Paris, 2 rue Simone Iff (ou: 41 rue du Charolais) Salle A115, bâtiment A

Guest(s) : Ramon Fernandez I Mir (Inria)


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Rencontres Inria Industrie

COGNIDIS - Urban Transportation Network Design: prediction of passenger's behavior

Cognidis offers a solution of urban transportation network design : from your data set (validation, ticketing, survey,...).


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Andrew Stuart, Caltech, États Unis Andrew Stuart, Caltech, États Unis

Colloquium Jacques Morgenstern

Colloquium J. Morgenstern : Andrew Stuart


Andrew Stuart, Profess of computing and mathematical sciences in Caltech (USA) will give a talk on 28 march 2019 : "The Legacy of Rudolph Kalman".

Place : Amphitheatre, Building Kahn, Inria, Sophia Antipolis

Guest(s) : Andrew Stuart (Caltech, USA)


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MOMI 2019

The World of Industrial Mathematics 2019

25/02/2019 to 26/02/2019

We are very pleased to announce the implementation of “The World of Industrial Mathematics – Le Monde des Mathématiques Industrielles” (MOMI2019), a two day workshop on Applied and Industrial Mathematics. The topic of this edition will be “Big Data and Machine Learning“.

Place : Inria Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée

Guest(s) : Frédéric Précioso, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis - Philippe Preux, University of Lille - Ioannis Tsamardinos, University of Crête


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Centenary of the First World War

Centenary of the First World War

Martin Bellet - 28/03/2014

The European CENDARI project is targeted at historians and aims to simplify the organisation and use of the many resources they already have and continue to collect. Inria is providing its expertise in data visualisation.


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Conference with Satya Nadella

Charlotte Renauld - 26/10/2015

On November 9th, 2015, Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft Corp, will give a keynote at La Sorbonne University in a conference entitled “Innovation & Tech : quel sera votre métier demain ?”. He will be surrounded by startups and Inria-Microsoft Research Centre.


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Research team seminar

Gallium seminar


Succinct data structures give space-efficient representations of large amounts of data without sacrificing performance. They rely on cleverly designed data representations and algorithms.

Place : Inria de Paris - Room Jacques-Louis Lions - 10:30am

Guest(s) : Jacques Garrigue (Nagoya University)


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