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Emmanuelle Anceaume Emmanuelle Anceaume


Improving Bitcoin... with forks

Jean-Michel Prima (*) - 30/08/2018

Created 10 years ago, Bitcoin allows secure and anonymous payments without going through a bank. The new currency is based on a particularly well-design mechanism called a blockchain. A mixture of cryptography and distributed architecture, this tamper-proof registry guarantees the validity of successive transactions. But problems are arising: the computing cost is soaring. Energy expenditure as well. It is also impossible to manage a large number of transactions per second. Specializing in peer-to-peer (P2P) networks, researcher Emmanuelle Anceaume, from Rennes, proposes two new innovations to enable it to transition to another scale.


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Olivier Zendra

Europe - Research

Mastering Non-Functional Properties of Software: Energy, Time, Security

Jean-Michel Prima - 11/09/2018

A European consortium led by Inria and funded by the EU ICT H2020 program, TeamPlay aims at developing new techniques that will allow execution time, energy, security and other important non-functional properties of parallel software to be treated as first-class citizens. As Project Coordinator Olivier Zendra points out, this research is expected to have a significant impact on various sectors of the industry. Results will be evaluated through use cases from various domains such as computer vision, cybersecurity, satellites and drones.


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Predicting future threats on the Internet: Inria, International University of Rabat and Carnegie Mellon University are collaborating on the NATO-funded ThreatPredict project

Laurence Goussu - 19/12/2018

The goal of ThreatPredict is to improve prediction of cyber security threats using a novel approach that combines artificial intelligence, big data and heterogeneous input data.
The results it produces will make it possible to best prepare for future attacks and limit their impact. It is funded by the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) under the Science for Peace and Security (SPS) program.


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Forum International de la cybersécurité - ©FIC 2019


FIC 2019

Morgane Hamon - 16/01/2019

The International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC) is part of a wider strategy aimed at promoting a Europe-wide vision for cybersecurity, a strategy Inria is keen to promote. Find out more about Inria’s competencies in this field, combining digital technology and science.


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Visualisation of Internet dataflows - ©LHS/Inria/Loria


ThreatPredict : to predict cyberattacks

Isabelle Kling - 23/01/2019

When can we expect real-time internet security “forecasts”, in order to predict where and when cyberattacks will strike? According to Jérôme François, a researcher and member of the joint Inria Nancy Grand Est and LORIA research team RESIST and Ghita Mezzour, a research lecturer at the International University of Rabat in Morocco, we may have to wait a few more years. However, these two researchers, who are collaborating on the NATO-funded ThreatPredict programme, are already pooling their knowledge and devoting their teams’ combined expertise to the pursuit of this goal and the creation of the required tools.


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Inria and MITACS further 2014 research-partnership agreement

Dcom - 14/03/2019

Capitalizing on five years of research-collaboration success, Mitacs and Inria renewed their partnership originally signed in 2014. The memorandum of understanding (MOU) supports two-way international research opportunities for graduate researchers at Canadian universities and at eight Inria Research Centres in France.


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SPARTA consortium presentation

DCom - 3/04/2019

Cybersecurity is a serious and urgent collective challenge. Cyber threats, closely linked to the digitisation of society, increasingly affect our lives. It is therefore essential to ensure the European Union’s digital security and strategic autonomy by strengthening its most significant capacities. This challenge demands the coordination of the EU’s greatest skills to achieve common objectives in research and innovation.


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Inria publishes its white book on cybersecurity


The digital transformation opens up a wealth of new opportunities, but iit increasingly exposes our IT systems and personal data to attacks. The risks are also substantial for governments or operators of vital importance from both a human and an economic point of view. In this context, Inria has unveiled a new white book on the subject of cybersecurity, the goal being to review the major scientific issues and raise awareness of the importance of this subject.


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Inria's 50th Anniversary

Lucia NICOLAI - 29/03/2018

On December 20th 2017, in the presence of Jean-Pierre BOURGUIGNON, President of the European Council of the Research (ERC) we invited ERC grantees to present their results, advances and ambitions. A precious opportunity to share their views on the future of their disciplines, discuss the best way of guaranteeing the economic and societal impact of the researches led in Inria Nancy Grand – Est Center as well as is and at our academic partners.


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German-French IT-SECURITY DAY 2018


The next meeting on Cybersecurity and Industry organized with our academic and industrial partners from France and Germany, will take place this year at the Congress Center of Saarbruecken on March 14th. The Cispa is in charge of organizing the 2018 edition in partnership with the Inria Center of Nancy - Grand Est.

Place : Saarbruecken, Allemagne


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