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Inria Industry Meeting

Data analytics : Unlocking Knowledge and Value from Data

12th Novembre 2014 -

On 12th November 2014, Inria, in partnership with Cap Digital, CVSTENE and SystemX, organises an "Inria Industry meeting" focused on "Data Analytics". Co-located with the IEEE Conference Vis 2014, the premier forum for advances in data visualisation which brings together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry, it will take place at the Marriott Rive-Gauche Hotel in Paris. This half-day will be filled with discussions around technology demonstrations and conferences with speakers who will share their scientific, economic and industrial vision in the domain.


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Industrial partnerships

Inria Saclay – ile de France has a substantial record of industrial collaboration and partnerships with major French and international companies.


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New technologies against Malicious computer activity

RII 2016

Conference on cybersecurity


In an ever evolving digital world, cyber-criminals never cease to devise new threats.

From critical infrastructure operators and administrations to large companies, SMEs and ordinary citizens: no one is safe. In order to deal with the evolution of these new threats, a new generation of tools is necessary to protect sensitive data and computer systems.


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start-up iMuze

Start-up Antescofo

Antescofo : music and computer science playing the same tune

Sébastien Dacher - Citizen Press - 30/09/2015

Can a machine listen to and enter into dialogue with a musician in real time when he is playing a piece of music? Arshia Cont, research director of an Inria/CNRS/Ircam team has taken up the challenge by created the start-up Antescofo, who use a software developed with the MuTant research team and which combines real musical instruments with electronic sound production devices.


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Start-up Aetheris

Aetheris, algorithms to help us travel better

AB - 2/09/2015

In the price comparison jungle, planning a trip can sometimes be difficult. With Aetheris, researcher Chedy Raïssi's goal is to help users to truly customise their journeys as simply as possible.


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Start-up Solips

Solips, parallel computing serving industry

AB - 2/09/2015

In order to accelerate digital simulations - which are sometimes very time-consuming - numerical analysts are turning to parallel computing. This process, which is becoming increasingly widespread in industry, is at the heart of the work carried out by Cédric Lachat, computer scientist and co-founder of the Solips project with François Pellegrini.


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Start-up Makitoo

Makitoo (ex-Spoonware), a first-aid kit against computer bugs

AB - 1/09/2015

The bug, an attacker that can disrupt and even paralyse a computer system, is the computer-user’s nightmare. In order to offer clean and more robust applications, engineer Nicolas Petitprez has turned bug-hunting into an obsession.


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Mélanie Raimbault Mélanie Raimbault, Technology Transfer, Innovation and Partnerships department, Inria Rennes

Transfert technologique

A pool of InriaTech engineers in Rennes

Jean-Michel Prima - 22/08/2017

Backed by Région Bretagne (Brittany regional council), the ERDF and Rennes Métropole, the Inria research centre in Rennes is putting in place a new service aimed at businesses in order to facilitate their access to technology transfer and respond more quickly to their innovation requirements.


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Poppy, the humanoïd robot meets François Hollande

Séverine Valerius - 11/06/2014

On 11 June François Hollande, the French president, welcomed investors and entrepreneurs who will be forging the French economy of tomorrow. Among these visitors was Poppy, the open-source 3D-printed humanoid robot from Bordeaux.


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