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Launch of the scikit-learn initiative

LG - 17/09/2018

Inria is pleased to announce the launch of the scikit-learn initiative, a partnership with companies using scikit-learn. Its objectives are to support the development of this reference software: sustaining its high quality and adding new functionalities. Scikit-learn is a library in Python, an high-level programming language. It is dedicated to statistical learning (machine learning) and can be used as middleware, especially for prediction tasks.


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Statistical sciences

Statistics in the spotlight for a week

Magalie Quet (*) - 30/05/2018

This year, the fiftieth edition of the Statistics Days is being held from Monday 28 May to Friday 1 June.The EDF Lab Paris-Saclay will host nearly 450 French and international scientists, present 16 lectures and 63 parallel sessions (including 18 special sessions), clocking up nearly 100 hours of statistics in five days!This year's edition, under the scientific leadership of Francis Bach, researcher in the Sierra team at Inria's Paris centre, is organised by Christian Derquenne, senior researcher at EDF R&D, and Pascal Massart, professor at the Université Paris-Sud.They tell us more about this event, dedicated entirely to statistics.


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ERC Starting Grant

Neurosciences and machine learning: Alexandre Gramfort sets out to conquer the brain

Magalie Quet - 25/10/2017

Winner of a 2015 ERC Starting Grant, for his projectSignal processing and Learning Applied to Brain data(SLAB), Alexandre Gramfort has been a member of the Parietal project team - a joint team with CEA-Saclay - since 1st April 2017. His project aims to provide a more accurate interpretation of the electrophysical signals of healthy or sick brains, in order to better understand how they function. A meeting with this young researcher, lecturer and graduate of the French engineering school Télécom ParisTech.


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Conference with Satya Nadella

Charlotte Renauld - 26/10/2015

On November 9th, 2015, Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft Corp, will give a keynote at La Sorbonne University in a conference entitled “Innovation & Tech : quel sera votre métier demain ?”. He will be surrounded by startups and Inria-Microsoft Research Centre.


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Canceled Conference

Microsoft Research and Inria at the Collège de France


The conference by Eric Horvitz on February 8th has been canceled due to a change of schedule. We apologize for this unfortunate change.


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Nayat Sanchez-Pi Nayat Sanchez-Pi, director of Inria Chile - © Inria


Nayat Sanchez-Pi new head of Inria Chile


Nayat Sanchez-Pi has just been appointed head of Inria Chile, an international laboratory created in 2012 to facilitate Franco-Chilean scientific and industrial exchanges.


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Big Data

Teratec 2019

* - 11/07/2019

The Teratec Forum is a major event in France and in Europe and the big date in the calendar of international experts in HPC, simulation and big data. The event attracts industrial users, technology suppliers and educational and research institutions. Inria is a partner of the event: join us on 11 and 12 June next at École Polytechnique in Paris.


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Prize and awards

Test of Time Award

Com CRI de Paris (*) - 28/06/2019

The ICML Conference (International Conference on Machine Learning), a major annual machine learning event within the scientific community, grants several awards each year, including the Test of Time Award. This year, it returns to Julien Mairal, Francis Bach, Jean Ponce and Guillermo Sapiro for their paper presented at the ICML edition ... 2009!


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Machine Learning

Workshop scikit-learn May! 2019


Inria, the Inria Foundation and all the industrial partners of the scikit-learn @ Inria Foundation consortium are organizing the first annual workshop of the consortium. On the agenda are reviews of the consortium's achievements, technical tutorials, case studies and round table discussions....

Place : BNP Paribas Cardif – 8 rue du Port, Nanterre

Guest(s) : Gaël Varoquaux, Alexandre Gramfort, Olivier Grisel


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Awards and Distinctions

The EIC Accelerator 2019 celebrates Kayrros, an Inria startup.


The European Innovation Council (EIC) has awarded an “Accelerator” grant to Kayrros, a startup specializing in the energy sector and quantitative information. 


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