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Inria - Industry meetings

Industries of commerce: A new form for 2009

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Since 1994, the Inria–Industry meetings have provided an opportunity for dialogue between industry and researchers. The objective is to shorten technology transfer lead times. In 2009, the event was revamped. For upcoming editions, Inria has opted to cooperate more closely with the regional competitiveness clusters through its eight research centres located across France. The Lille - Nord Europe centre, in partnership with the industries of commerce competitiveness cluster (PICOM), kicked off on 12 June 2009 on the topic of industries of commerce.

The new meetings will allow Inria, its researchers, and its partners (start-ups, SMEs) to present the latest innovations and technologies in the field of information and communication applied to this sector. They provide an opportunity for industrial partners to identify the new technologies that, in the future, will be at the heart of their production processes, while researchers are able to gain a better insight into market issues and industry requirements.

Through specific presentations, the Institute's scientists illustrate how the products resulting from research can be applied to retail distribution and remote sales, the two main areas of the industries of commerce.

The purpose of the programme for these meetings was to give more visibility to the research conducted in the sector of commercial industries. Thus, an entire afternoon was devoted to demos on:

  • new merchant and client universes ,
  • mobility ,
  • payment, security and optimisation of processes .

There were also debates focusing on the challenges of the Internet of the future and ambient intelligence.