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Knowledge and Innovation Communities

Created in 2008 by the European Union, the mission of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology is to strengthen innovation capacities in Europe and to facilitate integration between higher education, research and innovation. On topics that are important for our societies, such as the well-being of citizens and our countries' economies, the EIT has launched competitive tenders for the creation of Knowledge and Innovation Communities, or KICs, which bring together partners representing the Education - Research - Innovation triptych.

Etablis pour une durée de 7 à 15 ans, ces KIC constituent des consortia européens visibles, disposant d’outils et de services pour aider à décloisonner les acteurs, détecter des technologies et résultats de recherche capables d’approcher les besoins de la société et des marchés, et à renforcer une culture d’entrepreneuriat dans l’éducation et la recherche. Inria est membre fondateur de deux KIC : EIT Digital (anciennement EIT ICT Labs) et EIT Health, relevant de l’Institut européen d’innovation et de technologie. Avec les partenaires européens de ces deux KICs, Inria entend apporter son expertise et ses technologies dans des projets intégrant innovation, éducation et entreprenariat, qui permettront de valoriser les travaux de ses équipes et développer les partenariats.

KIC EIT Digital

EIT Digital is a European acceleration and innovation programme created in 2010. Its aim is to make Europe a leader in digital innovation, with a view to revitalising economic growth and improve the quality of life of its citizens.

EIT Digital's innovation and educational activities are organised around, and within, co-localisation centres where students, researchers, engineers, business developers and entrepreneurs come together in order to support the digital society.

EIT Digital's headquarters are located in Brussels, with co-localisation centres in Berlin, Eindhoven, London, Helsinki, Paris, Stockholm, Trente as well as in Budapest and Madrid.

EIT Digital structures its work according to eight main areas:

  • Future Network Solutions
  • Future Cloud
  • Privacy, Security & Trust
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Smart Energy Systems
  • Urban Life & Mobility
  • Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Smart Spaces

KIC EIT Health

The overall objective is to improve the monitoring of people's health throughout their lives, to enable them to remain active as long as possible whilst improving the efficiency and viability of our health systems.

The skills of our institute are brought into play on all levels, for example:

  • the fundamentals of information and communication technologies (security, databases, networks, intensive computing, etc.)
  • modelling of molecular level life with that of human activity
  • simulation for training at all times of life but also the customisation of operations and treatment
  • bioinformatics, imaging, systems biology
  • signal processing, statistics, mass analysis of heterogeneous data (Big Data)