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The different collaboration arrangements with Inria

Committed to assisting innovators, Inria provides the ideal conditions for fruitful relations between public research, private R&D and businesses. Inria transfers its expertise and research results to start-ups, SMEs and major groups in fields as diverse as healthcare, transport, energy, communications, security and privacy protection, smart cities and the factory of the future, etc. Inria is also fostering an entrepreneurial culture that has led to the creation of 140 start-ups in over 30 years.

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Research contract

  • Your requirement: During your R&D phases, if you encounter a problem - beyond the state of the art - you can call on the expertise of our researchers within a clearly-identified field, for an applied research activity.

  • How to do this: Inria proposes the signing of a research contract, defining the procedures for implementing this applied research activity and a potential technology transfer. Its cost will depend on the Inria resources required for its implementation.

  • Indicative duration: 6 months to 3 years.

Multi-partner project

  • Your requirement: You are seeking funding for part of your R&D within the scope of a project to which you have committed yourself together with other partners, in order to reach a common goal.

  • How to do this: We help you to put together a joint reply to a call for projects from a public funding body, generally in the form of a grant. From an intellectual property perspective, your company will be able to benefit from the research results and developments carried out by Inria, and which you will have helped to carry out or finance.

  • Indicative duration: 2 to 4 years.

Joint laboratory

  • Your requirement: You would like to collaborate over the long term and in several research subjects. The joint laboratory is the ideal structure for upstream research projects. Here, Inria supports you with your R&D from the research phase to the innovation phase and with the launch of a product or service.

  • How to do this: Inria joint laboratories are structures governed by contracts signed between Inria and the entrepreneur. Their clauses, drawn up by agreement, define all of the terms and conditions of the technology transfer and intellectual, exploitation and publication rights, etc. The cost of these laboratories depends on the resources funded by Inria during the collaboration.

  • Indicative duration:  2 to 3 years or 4 to 6 years.

Technology transfer

  • Your requirement: You are interested in a technology that has already been developed by Inria, as is or with the support of a maturation by our researchers, in order to create a new product or improve an existing one. It can concern software or a patent.

  • How to do this: Inria proposes a licence contract for its technology, the financial terms and conditions of which will depend on your company's business plan.

  • Indicative duration: immediate transfer or maturation up to 12 months if required.

Expertise and advice

  • Your requirement: As part of your R&D project, at whatever stage, you need advice or expertise on the state of the art.

  • How to do this: The appropriate tool in this case is the signing of an expertise contract with Inria. The cost will depend on the time spent by Inria researchers in order to respond to your request.

  • Indicative duration: 1 to 6 months.

Technology Services

  • Your requirement:   You wish to obtain access to technology platforms (virtual reality, HPC, etc.), adapt existing software applications or use them on  data that belongs to you, and so on, you need Inria services that do not call for new research.

  • How to do this:  Then Inria can offer you a service contract. Its cost will depend on that of the Inria resources required to implement it.

  • Indicative duration: 1 to 12 months.

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