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Inria-Gayatech collaboration on an intelligent serious game


Designed by Gayatech, the serious game Les Mystères d’Athéna [The Mysteries of Athena] immerses schoolchildren of the Alpes-Maritimes into an ancient 3D world. In a bid to solve the enigmas proposed by this edutainment adventure, students will be able to use an intelligent search engine, benefiting from the semantic expertise of the Wimmics joint project-team (Inria, I3S (UNS-CNRS)). Fabien Schmitz, CEO of Gayatech and Catherine Faron-Zucker, vice head of the Wimmics project-team, explain.



Mobile video. Hi-res digitally generated image. © Cybrain #23311646 © Cybrain

Inria-Industry Meetings

Feedback on the forum on new mobile services

Marie Gallas - 17/02/2011

On January 21, 2011, the latest Inria-Industry Meeting was held at Sophia Antipolis, on the subject of developing new mobile services, the outcome of a partnership between Inria and the Secure Smart Solutions Centre. The event was booked out a fortnight before it took place. It brought together some 200 names from the mobile ecosystem, in attendance to hear talks from 17 speakers and see 17 technology demos from Inria, its spin-offs and industry and academic partners.