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Inria Innovation Lab Toutirobo-2 : Toutiterre & Pervasive Interaction project-team

In 2016, Inria and Touti Terre launched a joint laboratory called Toutirobo-2 in order to enrich the possible interactions with the Toutilo electric agricultural vehicle and to make it partially autonomous as it moves. The project comes on the heels of a previous collaboration carried out by EPI Chroma using autonomous laser beam guidance on strips of farmland.

The company

Touti Terre is a pioneer in the use of agricultural robotics for market gardening. It develops innovative solutions to make working the land easier and farms sustainable. The company's mission is to promote the development of a more environmentally friendly agriculture, and more generally to contribute to maintaining a harmonious link between man and the earth.

Created in 2014, Touti Terre is located in Haute-Savoie, in eastern France.

The Inria project team

The Inria project team Pervasive Interaction works on ubiquitous interactive intelligent systems that integrate the understanding of human actions, decision-making and interaction processes in order to offer new services in contexts as varied as smart spaces (housing, offices, etc.), social robotics and intelligent objects.

Purpose of the laboratory

The Toutirobo-2 project is based on Equipex's experimentation and prototyping platform Amiqual4Home for the design of an overall IT solution for the Toutilo to provide significant time and productivity gains for its users. This information system will include modules for farm and vehicle management, autonomous guidance, navigation and planning and interaction systems adapted to the requirements of farm jobs.

Working with a company in the field offers us a great opportunity to test our approaches and algorithms in real conditions, and sometimes opens our eyes to new technical challenges. 

Stan Borkowski, Pervasive Interaction project-team,  head of engineering for Amiqual4Home ’s Innovation Factory.

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