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Start-up - Cryptosense

Interview with Graham Steel

Patrick Philipon - Technoscope - 31/07/2013

A virtual hacker, much quicker, more persistent and more methodical than real-life ones: that is what Cryptosense is proposing for the security testing of data encryption systems. Once an aircraft manufacturer and a bank had expressed interest in the product, the adventure could begin in earnest. Graham Steel, the company's Chairman, tells us its story. 




Start-up - Therapixel

Joint interview with Olivier Clatz and Pierre Fillard

Patrick Philipon - Technoscope - 30/07/2013

Therapixel, a start-up based on Inria research, offers a device that can be used to view data and images without touching a screen or keyboard. This solution is eagerly awaited by surgeons, who cannot afford to make the slightest contact with unsterilised items in the operating theatre. We spoke to the company's Technical Director, Pierre Fillard, and its Chairman, Olivier Clatz.



Hilabs-Vitrine Numériqu

Hilabs Start-up

Interview with Julien Letessier

Starting from the principle that store windows in large cities represent a crossing point where 75% of purchasing decisions are made, Hilabs offers an urban interactive display solution. The information consulted by the people passing by is then analyzed by Ubicity®, a local communication tool serving merchants. Meeting with Julien Letessier, managing director of the start-up.



Stéphane Donikian © Inria / Photo C. Lebedinsky

Start-up - Golaem

Interview with Stéphane Donikian

Golaem has developed a software suite that directs autonomous virtual humans capable of making decisions. Its goal: to anticipate the movements of people in order to examine the impact of the environment on their behavior. This unique solution on the market can be used in both the urban architecture sector and in industry, transport, and the world of imaging. Interview with Stéphane Donikian, President and CEO of Golaem.



Harmonic Pharma

Start-up - Harmonic Pharma

Interview with Michel Souchet and Stéphane Gégout

Harmonic Pharma is developing a solution to extend the therapeutic use of molecules existing on the market. The business was created by two people with rather atypical profiles in the world of start-ups, since they do not come from academic research. It is their pharmaceutical industry research know-how, for one, and the development of innovative technologies, for the other, that allow them to develop computing solutions offering new prospects to existing drugs. An offering with international reach that covers numerous therapeutic fields. Interview with Michel Souchet and Stéphane Gégout, respectively chairman and managing director of Harmonic Pharma.



Régis Lhoste Chapo

Start-up - Sailendra

Interview with Régis Lhoste

At a time when Web content suppliers are facing profitability problems, Sailendra has developed a software platform making it possible, through the analysis of uses and the anticipation of user actions, to target a customer base and offer information likely to interest it. The recommendation engine marketed by the start-up has already been the subject of several contracts.



Ezio Malis

Start-up -Robocortex

Interview with Ezio Malis

Françoise Montfort Technoscope - 8/12/2010

Robocortex is the latest start-up to come out of Inria. It was created by Ezio Malis, a researcher turned entrepreneur, in response to the interest shown in his research results by industrial companies. His image analysis software, designed for robot vision, has many potential civilian and military applications, from reconnaissance drones to vacuum cleaners. We spoke with this innovator.