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Start-up - SysFera

David Loureiro: "It all began with a meeting"

David Loureiro

SysFera is a software publishing company originating from Inria, created by David Loureiro, Frédéric Desprez, Eddy Caron and IT-Translation in 2010. It enables large companies and computing centres to respond to problems encountered in the management of their IT installations.

At the end of my degree course in applied mathematics I obtained a work placement as a member of the GRAAL team, established at Inria-Lyon in 2007 under the leadership of Frédéric Desprez and others. We were working on the development of a software tool to help researchers carry out experiments into task sequencing algorithms for distributed computer science applications and calculations over networks or the Internet. I worked for two years on the DIET software package, and in particular on web interfaces and other powerful interfaces aimed at making it easier to use.

It all began with a meeting

In 2007, the team began work in collaboration with the French Téléthon TV charity event on a computer science project, Décrypthon, supported by the AFM, the CNRS and IBM. The team responded to the call for a software package and were selected with the aim of using DIET to give geneticists access to a distributed simulation infrastructure for comparing genes, sequencing, and analysing data. Seeing the software used in this way to provide a useful service gave us the idea of setting up a business.

I had always been a scientific researcher; I had never thought of becoming an entrepreneur. However, in 2008 my contract came to an end and I had just returned from an interview at Michelin in Clermont-Ferrand when Frédéric Desprez and Eddy Caron suggested that the three of us should set up a Sysfera together. I was only twenty-five years old at the time, and I had little idea of what this would involve, but it all began with this meeting with the two prime movers behind the development of DIET.