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The MUMPS consortium

This consortium is in charge of the MUMPS software, a reference solver for sparse linear systems from the world of digital simulation, combining digital robustness, parallelism and a large processing capacity whilst limiting resolution times and the consumption of computing resources. The consortium was created by Inria, the university cluster INPT, CERFACS (European Centre for Research and Advanced Training in Scientific Computation), thegrande école ENS Lyon and the Université de Bordeaux, and gathers together eight industry members.

The aim of the MUMPS consortium is to bring together companies, research centres and academic structures in order to provide support to the team in charge of the solver with regard to its design and development. As a highly-motivated user group, the consortium provides a platform enabling its members to identify their common needs, but also to share their experiences and ensure the sustainability of a software program that has become key in the digital simulation processing chain.

The originality of this solver for large equation systems is that it is a very widespread product with high digital robustness, a broad application coverage and a great flexibility of use. It offers a wide range of options, and adapts easily to all types of architecture thanks to a distributed and asynchronous approach to parallelism.

Keywords: Solveur Consortium HPC Simulation