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Michel Laude: Doctor and Mathematician

A medical doctor by training, Michel Laudet was, after being spotted by government computer science chief Robert Galley, appointed CEO of IRIA in January 1967.

Having graduated from ENSET (now ENS-Cachan) with a degree in mathematics, Michel Laudet was known for his work on medical informatics (optics, haematology and genetics). On taking up his position at IRIA, he very quickly realised that there was no high-level educational provision in the discipline of computer science. He worked to set up a training programme for researchers at IRIA, which extended to PhD level. Mathematicians, with their attachment to structure, were key to this programme. Michel Laudet was also behind the decision to structure IRIA's activities into four major fields: numerical computing; business computing and control; programming & design of machines; and systems architecture. He left his post as IRIA Chairman in May 1972.

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