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i-LAB 2016

AB / Laurence Goussu - 12/07/2016

3 new Inria start-up receive awards at the 2016 edition of the i-LAB competition

Concours i-LAB 2016

Three projects stemming from Inria have won awards as part of the national i-LAB competition - backed by the French Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research (MENESR) and Bpifrance - whose aim is to identify and support French projects for the creation of innovative technology companies. 

Created in 1999, the national competition helping the creation of new innovative technology businesses, one of the two components of the i-LAB programme, participates fully in the interaction between research, researchers and companies. It also aims to stimulate the transfer of research findings towards the economic world. By supporting the creation of businesses and the transfer of its research findings to the economic world for over 30 years, Inria fits in perfectly with this approach.

As part of the simplification dynamic launched by Secretary of State Thierry Mandon, the 18th edition of the competition has evolved and now focuses on the "creation-development" category.

This year, the national jury honoured 56 "creation-development" prize-winners among the 347 applications received to the national competition.  Five grand prizes were awarded to projects investing in one of the ten social challenges defined by the France Europe 2020 agenda. The awards were handed out on 5 July 2016.

Read the full list of prize-winners here.

Focus on the three award-winning Inria projects

In the "Digital technology, software technology & communication" field

  • Arshia CONT (CEO) : Antescofo, an intelligent musical accompanist

The dominant platforms in the music industry offer mass access to everyone to multimedia content, but it is limited to just passive listening. Antescofo is the result of several years of research in the joint Ircam-Inria-CNRS-UPMC project team, MuTant. Recognised and used by a large number of renowned professional musicians and ensembles, this innovative technology - that stems from the combination of artificial intelligence algorithms and cutting-edge musical expertise - equips the computer with the ability to automatically accompany musicians. This unique system enables the real-time synchronisation and adaptation of high-definition multimedia content on any device equipped with just a microphone. Used solely by professionals, this technology is sufficiently mature to be brought to the general public, with the aim of enriching traditional music practice by making it interactive.

The Antescofo start-up reflects our ambition to democratise music practice to all musicians and singers. Antescofo will make it possible for everyone to play with music ensembles, or sing with their favourite group, at their own pace, and to come up with new versions. i-LAB funding will enable us to enhance our R&D and roll out the product to the general public and for the international market.


  • Emmanuel DISSOUBRAY (CEO) : Makitoo, first solution for the real-time repair of computer bugs

Makitoo is an innovative solution, originating from Inria (Spirals team), of operational excellence for software maintenance. It allows developers to automatically instrument source code in order to be able to detect and analyse the origin of technical problems (bugs) that arise on all application types (mobile, pc or server) in a more precise manner. The error reports generated are enriched with the specific context and highlight the part of the code that is causing a problem. As a result, Makitoo enables developers to understand more easily the real cause of the bug and to solve it more quickly. It enables the provision of high-quality key indicators and a more efficient management of software maintenance. 

Thanks to its success at the 2016 i-LAB competition, Makitoo will be able to achieve two of its main objectives: supporting new languages and thereby extend Makitoo technology to more computer programs, and add new key functionalities for all of its clients: new detection and diagnostics probes, new key functionalities (alerts, team management, opening of APIs, etc.) and a statistical analysis of the bugs in order to define new correction models.


In the "Medical technologies" field

  • François FAURE (CEO) : Anatoscope, 3D simulation software solution

Anatoscope is a software solution that enables the construction and simulation of 3D digital avatars based on medical imaging, with the same biomechanical characteristics as a real person. The avatar models musculoskeletal and dental pathologies, and tests personalised treatments virtually before applying them to the patients themselves and creating prostheses.

For this competition the Anatosmile project - a Cloud solution for the advanced simulation of orthodontic and maxillo-facial treatments - was put forward, and received an award. Aimed at orthodontists and surgeons, Anatosmile is based on over ten years of research at the CNRS and Inria, and provides a technological breakthrough by placing the physical modelling of the patient at the heart of the clinical process. In particular this software solution, which is distributed on the Cloud, enables the automatic construction of digital clones of patients based on medical imaging in less than two minutes, the testing and rapid development of personalised treatments via biomechanical simulation on clones, and even the manufacturing of equipment using 3D printing...Its added value: improvement in the quality of treatments, gains in time and precision and better communication between patients and doctors.

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