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Connected agriculture

DIRCOM Inria (*) - 21/02/2019

Inria set to present its latest innovations in the field of connected agriculture at the SIMA

Toutilo L'enjambeur maraîcher Toutilo à motorisation électrique. - © Martin Technologies

“Inria innovation in AgTech” will be the theme of a round-table set to be held on Wednesday 27th February at the SIMA, the international trade fair for livestock farming and agriculture suppliers. This event, and particularly the subject-specific round-tables, will give Inria the opportunity to demonstrate its extensive expertise in digital tools used in agriculture.

Precision meteorology

Among the speakers at this roundtable, Arnault Trac, Director of Development at Weather Measures . This young company offers precision weather information services for innovative agriculture. She collaborates with Inria to develop digital nowcasting technologies for the immediate prediction of precipitation at the scale of agricultural plots. This collaboration has resulted in the creation of a weather station and a dematerialized software platform with high spatial and temporal definition. This "Weather Concentrate" uses multiple data sources (satellite, radar, ground stations, weather models, connected objects) and intelligent mathematical algorithms to provide weather data tailored to each operator. 

Analysing surveillance images

Aurélien Yol, formerly an engineer and researcher in the Lagadic project team (Inria Rennes), will present his start-up Dilepix. The aim of this start-up is to provide an online image analysis service that can be used to automate farm surveillance. Intelligent sensors and cameras are now used on a number of farms to monitor livestock and crops or to detect the presence of pests. Dilepix technology helps farmers to understand the data supplied by these monitoring devices. The company provides an image analysis system capable of functioning independently, notifying farmers in the event of any problems occurring.

Cobots - helping farmers

Touti Terre are pioneers when it comes to the development of technological solutions designed for use in agriculture and, more specifically, in market gardening. Developing innovative solutions, the company’s goal is to help boost productivity and to make working on the land easier as part of a wider sustainable development strategy. In 2016, a joint laboratory was set up by Touti Terre and the Grenoble Rhône-Alpes Inria centre (via the Pervasive Interaction project team and the Usine d’Innovation project from the EquipEx Amiqual4Home). The goal of this partnership was to develop human-computer interaction add-ons for the Toutilo, a flexible type of electric drive straddle tractor used for crop farming.

Flore-M. Lacrouts-Cazenave, the CEO of Touti Terre, and Dominique Vaufreydaz, a researcher within the Pervasive Interaction project team, will both be present at the SIMA, where they will talk about this project.

The SIMA, an international forum for suppliers in livestock farming and agriculture, will run from 24th to 28th February at Paris Nord Villepinte. The round-table is scheduled to be held on Wednesday 27th February at 1.30pm.

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