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Laurence Hermant - 19/09/2013

Inria announces winners of 2013 Inria Awards

The Académie des sciences (French Academy of Sciences) and Inria are now working in partnership to select the winners of the Inria Awards for science, in each of three categories. Together, they honour innovative scientific contributions to computer science and mathematics and promote the contributions and successes of those who are driving the development of our digital world.
The achievements of the 2013 award winners are a testament to the dynamism of computational sciences and their impact on society.

The Inria/Académie des sciences Grand Prize is awarded to Jean-Michel Morel a mathematician specialising in digital image processing. The results of his work have been incorporated in Poséidon, the leading system for monitoring public swimming pools and preventing drowning incidents, as well as in digital cameras and video cameras.

The Inria/Académie des sciences/Dassault Systèmes Innovation Award recognises the unstinting determination of Pascale Vicat-Blanc, a specialist in high-speed networks, computing grids and cloud computing, who has been able to transfer the results of 20 years of research to the market by founding her own company.

The Inria/Académie des sciences Young Researcher Award highlights the boldness, originality and productivity of Anatole Lecuyer, one of the most complete scientists of his generation. His work on virtual reality and human–computer interaction is yielding many applications for the general public (3D cinema and TV, video games, augmented reality) as well as in assistance for the disabled.

Inria's administrative and technical staff, who help to ensure the smooth running of the Institute and contribute to the success of our scientists' work in so many ways, are also distinguished.

The Award for Research and Innovation Support rewards the work of the European partnerships department who have helped to promote the European dimension at Inria and increase the participation of our teams in research, development and innovation projects funded by the European Commission.

Lastly, the Research Support Department Award honours the assistants to project-teams of Inria Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée centre, that means their collective efforts to aid researchers through a range of initiatives. This award rewards a body of specialized professionals within Inria's organisational structure: Inria Research Team Assistants.

The 2013 Inria Awards winners will be honored on October 14 at the Inria Awards ceremony held at the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris.

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