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AB - 14/06/2016

Inria and the East China Normal University officialise their JIRLOTS participation

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On Friday 10 June 2016 in Paris, a memorandum of understanding was signed between Jifeng HE, dean of the East China Normal University school of computer science and software engineering, and Antoine Petit, CEO of Inria.

Inria and the ECNU have been working in close collaboration since 2007, and even more so since 2014, when the ECNU joined the LIAMA Consortium, thereby signing its expansion to the Shanghai region. The agreement enables research teams from CRI Rennes and Sophia Antipolis to participate in the Joint International Research Laboratory of Trustworthy Software (JIRLOTS) established in 2012.

The aim of this international laboratory is to develop methods and tools for the design of proven and certified software, allowing for the implementation of safe and secure systems. In particular, JIRLOTS aims to design major heterogeneous systems by using formal calculus models derived from competition theory. 

The French and Chinese coordinators of this international laboratory, in which other partners such as IRISA, ENS Lyon, ENS Rennes and the CWI (Centrum voor Wiskunde, Netherlands) also take part are, respectively, Vania Joloboff (TEA project team) and Prof. Wang Changbo, vice-dean of the ECNU school of computer science and software engineering. Several Inria researchers are also taking part in the laboratory's governance bodies and scientific committees.

Keywords: Cybersecurity International partnerships LIAMA Software security