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Marie Gallas-Amblard - 27/11/2013

Minister Fleur Pellerin presents La French Tech Initiative, label to rally the digital nation's ecosystems

Fleur Pellerin, ministre déléguée chargée des petites et moyennes entreprises, de l'innovation et de l'économie numérique

On November 27 2013, at 6 pm, at Bercy, Fleur Pellerin, Minister of State responsible for Small and Medium Enterprises, Innovation, and the Digital Economy, alongside Louis Gallois, the French General Commissioner for Public Investment, officially presented theFrench Techinitiative, formerly known by its code nameQuartiers numériques(Digital Neighbourhoods).

The purpose of this initiative is to organise and highlight, in France and abroad, French digital ecosystems - both existing ones and those that need to be created - in order to encourage the growth of digital enterprises and help them become leaders worldwide.

Inria is pleased with the creation of this positive initiative, which the institute supports and intends to take part in, particularly via its regional research centres in Lille, Bordeaux, Nancy, Saclay, Rocquencourt, Grenoble (and its branch in Lyon), Rennes and Sophia Antipolis.


French Tech is organised around 3 key points:

-1 label to rally the nation's ecosystems, which, together, will form a "French national team" of digital ecosystems

-200 million euros invested by the government in private initiatives in order to speed up the growth of French digital companies

-15 million euros for reinforcing the attractiveness of France as a major digital nation on the international stage


The need for supporting the French digital economy is based on observations that the country's potential is far from fully exploited today (France ranks 16th worldwide in innovation while its research programmes are ranked between 6th and 8th) but above all on the promise of a booming sector. Indeed, indicators point to a potential half point annual growth for French GDP (compared to 1 point observed for the US over the last 30 years).

The French Tech mission will be led by David Monteau, former director of Technology Transfer and Innovation at Inria.

The call for ideas for accelerating the growth of digital start-ups will be open as the programme progresses, with no specific deadline, after publication of the call for French Tech certification announced in December 2013. The first certifications are scheduled for April 2014 and a second wave is planned for September of the same year.

This initiative is funded by theProgramme d’Investissements d’Avenir(Investing in the Future programme) and is supported by the Caisse des dépôts, BPI France, the French agency for international investments and Ubifrance.

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