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Camille Liewig - 27/10/2009

Rennes at the cutting edge of neuroimaging

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On Tuesday, 27 October, the Inria centre in Rennes, with its partners, officially opened the NeurInfo imaging platform on the Villejean campus in Rennes. This new platform will be used to support research into neuroimaging, making significant advances in nervous system disorders possible over the long term.

The idea is a simple one – developing innovative imaging protocols answering more specific questions in clinical research. Just one thing was missing, the supporting technology tool. Now, with NeurInfo, Inria, INSERM (French National Institute for Health and Medical Research), Rennes 1 university (UR1) and the various local authorities in the area (Brittany regional council, the département, Rennes urban district) and filled that gap.

The key point about NeurInfo is that it brings together all stakeholders in neuroimaging. Doctors, clinicians, biologists, engineers and computer science researchers will be working there cheek by jowl to make the connection between methodological research and clinical research. "Thought needs to be given to imaging protocols in advance," explains Christian Barillot, director of the VisAGeS joint research unit (Inserm/Inria/UR1/CNRS) directly involved in setting the platform up. "Inria knows how to build very powerful algorithms. They do, however, need to be designed to specifically meet clinical requirements to best optimise the production and processing of data from imaging."

Besides advances in imaging disorders of the nervous system, NeurInfo will showcase research into neurocomputing and Inria's skills in the field in particular. "The pharmaceutical industry is the first target," Christian Barillot concludes. "The platform must help us to showcase Inria's contribution and its work for this sector."

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