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AB - 20/08/2015

Inria joins European Public Private Partnership on Big Data research

Big Data Value Association

Inria joins European Public Private Partnership on Big Data research (BDVA) created in 2015.

The Big Data Value Association (BDVA) unites industrial and academic stakeholders in a strategic partnership with the European Commission to strengthen competitiveness and ensuring industrial leadership of providers and end users of Big Data in Europe, which includes healthcare, energy, transport, telecom, and manufacturing. This, so called, Public-Private Partnership (PPP) that was launched beginning of this year will receive a funding of 500M Eur from the European Commission through their multi-annual research and innovation program Horizon 2020. The objective of the partnership is to leverage European research and innovation capacity to tackle major technical challenges as well as social-economic topics (e.g. eco-systems and business models, policy and regulation, social implications) with regard to Big Data.

During its first summit held in Madrid June 17-19 Inria was accepted as a full-member to the BDVA. Inria is highly concerned by the technical challenges, and, to a lesser extent, the social-economic topics identified by the association with over 30 research teams (distributed over its 8 centers), working on various aspects of Big Data including data management, processing architectures, deep analytics, security and privacy, and visualization. The BDVA membership confirms the position of Inria as being one of the major actors in European research and innovation. It will further strengthen the collaboration with industrial and academic front runners, and allow researcher to experiment their technology in large-scale and real-life settings.

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