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AB - 24/11/2016

Wolfgang Pauli Institute (WPI) and Inria have signed a cooperation agreement

A special ceremony has been held in Vienna on November 21, 2016 for supporting an increased cooperation between France and Austria in MINT (Mathematics, Informatics, Natural sciences and Technology) : during this event, the Wolfgang Pauli Institute (WPI) and Inria have signed a cooperation agreement.

Scientific collaborations between WPI members and Inria project-teams have been established for several years. They have resulted in joint publications, participation in European projects, training and exchanges of researchers in particular. The objective of this agreement is to formalize this cooperation.

Both organizations wish to promote interdisciplinarity and internationality by fostering contacts between research teams working in connected fields and by promoting contacts between PhD students, post-doctoral students, permanent researchers and temporary resident scientists.

The fields of research are focused on computer science and mathematics, in connection with applications for physics and biology in particular, areas in which Inria and the WPI have strong activities. Inria and WPI in their research activities have a common approach to mathematical modeling and numerical simulation.

Marie Doumic-Jauffret (head of MAMBA project-team in Inria Paris Center and holder of the ERC Starting Grant) already benefits from this cooperation between WPI and Inria. She is hosted by WPI for a one-year period under Inria Sabbatical Program on applied mathematics and biology to develop her research on the role of proteins in some neuro-degenerative diseases. Her main goal is to understand, due to mathematic models, the mechanical polymerisation of the retained proteins, and so effective therapies.

Keywords: WPI Partnerships European partnerships Mamba Applied Mathematics