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The Internship programme endeavours to promote Inria as a prestigious training-through-research institution to the best universities worldwide and to attract their most outstanding students to come and visit one of the IPT (Inria project-teams).

The programme is aimed at undergraduate as well graduate students working on a Master’s degree or PhD. It coordinates the selection of students in order to assist Inria researchers in hosting excellent interns in their fields, and to give the interns a taste for working in an international scientific environment and the desire to return to Inria for a doctoral thesis or post-doctoral research.

This incentive programme makes provision for the supervision and training of foreign interns by Inria project-teams researchers. It enables them to benefit from financial support for their research visit to France. Internships at Inria contribute to the interns’ scientific, professional and personal development.
In the case of a research visit for Master’s or PhD students, an extended stay must in principle be accompanied by co-supervision from an Inria researcher who is recognised as such by their university back home.

Definition of the programme

  The programme enables Inria to welcome foreign students who wish to complete an internship or research visit in France within an Inria project-team as part of:

  • an end-of-course project;
  • a master’s degree;
  • a PhD.

 The length of the internship may vary from 2 to 6 months.


Students will be selected both by Inria project-teams and the European and International Partnerships Department. They will receive a monthly grant from the EIPD. The amount is fixed by the french rules (508,20€ on January 1rst 2015).

External financing:

Charpak research internship program
Excellent program supported by the Embassy of France in India. He allows the Indian, level students BTech or MTech, to come in France for a stay of maximum 3 months by granting them a complement to bonus (approximately 310 € / month) and a grant of social security cover (social convention, support of request of access for the CROUS).
This grant can come as a supplement to the bonus DRI proposed for the candidates selected within the framework of the program Internships.
Link to apply:


The Internship program offers one recruitment route for 2017 : A targeted call for interns

Within existing collaborations between an Inria team and a foreign team, a researcher may offer to host a master's or PhD candidate after selecting him or her with the partner team.

Warning! the researcher does not just have a candidate; we ask an " existing collaboration ".
Consult the list of the programs and the collaborations in which to connect these targeted Internships.

Students may be hosted at any time during the year, subject to budgetary constraints. The French co-supervisor must then submit an application form on the European and International Partnerships Department portal. This must include the research subject, a presentation of the collaboration, the candidate's CV, the details of how the PhD thesis or master’s degree will be conducted and financed, and a reference from each supervisor. The agreement of the European and International Partnerships Department is essential for finalising the selection. European and International Partnerships Department communicates the final agreement, together with the allocated budget, to the internship supervisor and the Human Resources Department of the research centre hosting the student.

Please follow this link to submit an internship subject as part of this "targeted call" procedure.

  • In the event of repeated visits, the researcher is invited to reapply each year.

Special case of co-supervised PhD theses

Foreign students registered for a co-supervised thesis may, as part of a targeted call for interns, receive support from the EIPD for their time in France.
However, the co-supervisors will first try to find other sources of funding, with the help of the EIPD if required.

Evaluation / monitoring of the programme

All researchers who host an intern in the scope of the Internship programme must undertake to send a brief report to the EIPD. A template will be provided for this report which contains information on the partner institutions, the merits of the programme, and the future of the students. The intern also undertakes to send a brief evaluation report to the EIPD at the end of the internship.

Hosting of foreign interns

Important: Approval by Defence & Security official and Visa

Administrative formalities must be completed in order to be able to enter and stay in France.

  • These differ depending on whether the person concerned is a national of a European Union Member State or a third country.
  • For further information, you can visit the website of the National Alfred Kastler Foundation.

It is necessary to anticipate all aspects relating to the hosting of foreign nationals in order to make their integration as smooth as possible. Alongside the actions taken with regard to the entry and residence of foreign nationals, the procedure of authorisation by the Defence and Security Official should also be followed. This procedure must be undertaken two months before the date of actual arrival or the opening of an IT account for the foreign visitor. The request for authorisation is the responsibility of the Research Team Assistant and is processed using the tool It is detailed in the ‘Procedure for electronic management of Defence and Security Official applications’. This document is available in the tool

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