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International programmes

The "Internships" programme

Each year, Inria welcomes students from all over the world for a research training experience through the Internships programme. Undergraduate, masters or PhD students come and spend a few months in an Inria research team.

Aim of the programme

The aim of the Internships programme is to strengthen Inria’s scientific partnerships by welcoming excellent students from partner institutions abroad and training them. It allows foreign students to work for several months within an Inria project team, providing them with financial support for their living expenses in France.

What is a partner institution?

A partner institution is a foreign university or research institution which has established a training-through-research partnership with Inria. This partnership may evolve over time as changes occur in the relations between the two partners and in the programme’s budget. The partner institution appoints a local contact person to liaise with the institute. This contact deals with all matters concerning the programme at local level, particularly the selection of interns. The partner institution is responsible for the student’s qualification and study programme.