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Perception, Cognition & Interaction

Peter Sturm © Inria / Vanessa Peregrin

Peter Sturm is the Deputy Scientific Director in charge of the field "Perception, Cognition and Interaction".

The 700 people in this research field, divided into 47 team projects, are studying communication with the physical world in all its forms: textual, visual, auditory as well as haptic. These researchers are looking at perception through the medium of sensors, data and knowledge modelling, and concrete interaction with the physical world but also virtual ones. Their research is being conducted in close collaboration with industry and often results in software transfers and start-up formations.

It is applied to such diverse sectors as multimedia (search for images in databases, for semantic content on the Web), security (video surveillance), transport (intelligent vehicles) and health (diagnostics aid). Among the major challenges for the future are: contributing to new forms of intelligent mobility, realizing artificially intelligent systems that are transparent and able to explain their reasoning, constructing robotic and human-man interaction devices capable of adapting to their human users.

Keywords: Perception Cognition Interaction