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The Inria project team model

From the outset, Inria has been built on its original research model based on one fundamental unit, namely the project team. This model structures the institute's research activities. Made up of some twenty individuals, a project team is headed by a leading scientist, and is given scientific objectives and a subject area, both very specific.

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Joint laboratories

Encourage early research with industry

Laboratoires Communs Chercheurs © INRIA / Photo C. Dupont

Inria stresses the transfer of technology from its research to industry. This process has a strong impact on the economy and on society generally. To encourage early industry involvement in research, the institute sets up joint laboratories with long-standing partners. A virtual joint laboratory was accordingly formed with Alcatel-Lucent to design the communication networks of the future. With Microsoft  Research, it is a joint research centre  to develop reliable software and encourage the use of computer science in all scientific disciplines.

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Partnership chairs

Research & teaching chairs

Since 2008, Inria has been supporting a new form of partnership, i.e. teaching and research chairs. Working with science and industry partners, these chairs are intended to boost crucial areas for technological development and innovation. Such partnerships have already given rise to two ambitious projects, a research chair with Schneider Electric and a chair with the prestigious French engineering school, the Ecole Polytechnique, and the EADS Foundation.

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INRIA @ Photo Kaksonen

Technological development used to support research

Technological development is inseparable from scientific research at Inria, and as such is the focus of special efforts within the institute. The Technological Development Department,  in coordination with science departments, translates strategic plan milestones into national technological objectives, and runs technology projects and activities.

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Scientific information

Inria a long-standing name in open access

Alongside its partners, Inria applies a policy of open access to its research teams' scientific output. Interview with Jacques Millet, Head of the Scientific and Technical Information Dept, in the Research Department. Plus, further details on the scientific and technical information tools offered by Inria, together with its involvement in the PEER project.

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