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POEMS Research team

Wave propagation: mathematical analysis and simulation

  • Leader : Anne-sophie Bonnet-ben dhia
  • Research center(s) : CRI Saclay - Île-de-France
  • Field : Applied Mathematics, Computation and Simulation
  • Theme : Numerical schemes and simulations
  • Partner(s) : Ecole nationale supérieure des techniques avancées,CNRS

Team presentation

The general activity of the team is oriented toward the design, the analysis and the numerical approximation of mathematical models for all types of problems involving wave propagation phenomena, in mechanics, physics and engineering sciences. Beyond the general objective of contributing to the progress of the scientific knowledge, four goals can be ascribed to the project :

  • the development of an expertise relative to various types of waves (acoustic, elastic, electromagnetic, gravity waves, ...), their modeling and numerical simulation,
  • the treatment of complex problems whose simulation is close enough to real life situations and industrial applications,
  • the conception and analysis of specific techniques exploiting waves phenomena for identification and imaging,
  • the development of computational codes, in particular in collaboration with external partners (scientists from other disciplines, industry, state companies...).

Research themes

Currently, our main research focuses on:

  • wave propagation  in complex media (metamaterials, photonic crystals, fractal medium ...)
  • coupled problems (fluid-structure, aeroacoustics ...)
  • numerical treatment of unbounded domain (transparent conditions, PML methods, integral equations, ...)
  • inverse problems (Linear Sampling Method, topological gradient, ...), in particular for Non Destrutive Testing applications

International and industrial relations

  • Public partnerships: CEA-LIST, DGA
  • Industrial relations: EDF, SHELL, AIRBUS
  • International relations: University of Santiago de Compostela, Saint-Petersburg University,  Duke University,  University of Minnesota, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Keywords: Wave propagation Scattering Waveguides Acoustics Electromagnetism Elastodynamics Partial differential equations Spectral theory Finite elements Integral equations inverse problems