Privacy, Fairness and Robustness in Information Management
Privacy, Fairness and Robustness in Information Management

In COMETE we study emerging concepts of the modern era of computing. Security and privacy are some of the fundamental concerns that arise in this setting: the frequent interaction between users and electronic devices, and the continuous connection between these devices and the internet, offer malicious agents the opportunity to gather and store huge amount of information without the individual even being aware of it. In addition to the security concerns, the problems of correctness, robustness and reliability are made more challenging by the complexity of modern systems, since they are highly concurrent and distributed. Despite being based on impressive engineering technologies, they are still prone to faulty behavior due to errors in the software design.

To address these challenges, we study formal frameworks for specifying these systems, theories for defining the desired properties of correctness and security and for reasoning about them, and methods and techniques for proving that a given system satisfies the intended properties. 

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Inria Saclay Centre
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