Understanding the shape of data
Understanding the shape of data

DataShape is a research project in Topological Data Analysis (TDA), a recent field whose aim is to uncover, understand and exploit the topological and geometric structure underlying complex and possibly high dimensional data. The DataShape project gathers a unique variety of expertise that allows it to embrace the mathematical, statistical, algorithmic and applied aspects of the field in a common framework ranging from fundamental theoretical studies to experimental research and software development.

The expected output of DataShape is two-fold. First, we intend to set-up and develop the mathematical, statistical and algorithmic foundations of Topological and Geometric Data Analysis. Second, we intend to develop the Gudhi platform in order to provide an efficient state-of-the-art toolbox for the understanding of the topology and geometry of data.

Centre(s) inria
Inria Saclay Centre
Inria Centre at Université Côte d'Azur
In partnership with
Université Paris-Saclay,CNRS


Team leader

Sophie Honnorat

Team assistant

Aissatou-Sadio Diallo

Team assistant