modELing the Appearance of Nonlinear phenomena
modELing the Appearance of Nonlinear phenomena

ELAN has the ambition to become a unique simulation team at Inria with an original positioning across Computer Graphics and Computational Mechanics.
The team is focussed on the design of predictive, robust, efficient, and controllable numerical models for capturing the shape and motion of visually rich mechanical phenomena, such as the buckling of an elastic plate, the flowing of a sand pile, or the entangling of large fiber assemblies. Target applications encompass the digital entertainment industry (e.g., feature film animation, special effects), as well as virtual prototyping for the mechanical engineering industry (e.g., aircraft manufacturing, cosmetology); though very different, these two application fields require predictive and scalable models for capturing complex mechanical phenomena at the macroscopic scale. An orthogonal objective is the improvement of our understanding of natural physical and biological processes involving slender structures (such as plant growth, granular flows, DNA supercoiling), through active collaborations with soft matter physicists. To achieve its goals, the team is striving to master as finely as possible the entire modeling pipeline, involving a pluridisciplinary combination
of scientic skills across Mechanics and Physics, Applied Mathematics, and Computer Science.

Centre(s) inria
Inria Centre at Université Grenoble Alpes


Team leader

Julia Di Toro

Team assistant