Mobility opportunities

Changed on 21/05/2024

As a civil servant researcher, you can take advantage of schemes that encourage temporary mobility, such as secondment or delegation or the Inria sabbatical programme (reserved for scientists who are members of an Inria project team).


Teacher-researcher?  Official of the major state bodies?

In 2024, Inria proposed 11 opportunities for secondment campaign, regardless of the center of assignment.


2024 Campaign calendar

  • 20th February 2024: opening of the campaign,
  • 20th March 2024: deadline for online applications,
  • April 2024: national commission "secondment of researchers",
  • May 2024: announcement of results,
  • As of 1st September 2024: start date.

Before applying

  • Choose an Inria project-team which you would like to join;
  • Contact the head of the team to see if there are any openings;
  • After obtaining the agreement of the team leader, compile your application file and submit it online in .pdf format.

Create your applicant page

Apply online for the 2024 campaign

If you have any questions about the campaign, please contact the following address:

Your application (.pdf file format) must include:

  • a letter of motivation specifying the desired duration of the secondment,
  • a detailed curriculum vitae (including the list of your publications), 
  • a description of the work program (+ an assessment of the expired secondment period for extension requests),
  • a written statement of agreement from your home department,
  • a substantiated statement of opinion by the head of the host team (or department) applied to,
  • a substantiated statement of opinion by the director of the host research centre (or direction),
  • letters of recommendation, if any, not exceeding five (these letters can also be sent by those recommending you to this address: until 20th March 2024 included).


Delegation positions

In order to strengthen the diversity of profiles within its teams, every year Inria welcomes teacher-researchers on delegation.

This arrangement enables beneficiaries to be totally or partially relieved of their teaching duties to devote themselves to their research activities. It is the subject of an agreement between Inria and the home institution.

It is open to lecturers and professors at a French university or Grande école, who are specialists in computer science or applied mathematics, or in another discipline, who wish to deepen their links with the digital sciences.

In this context, Inria particularly encourages applications from teachers-researchers in the humanities and social sciences (SHS), in order to develop interdisciplinarity between SHS and digital sciences.

Inria's delegation scheme is open to civil servants as well as staff on permanent contracts, provided that their home institution's policy so provides.

2024 Campaign calendar

Each Inria centre organises its own delegation campaign. Find the calendar for each centre

How to apply?

Your application must include:

  • a detailed curriculum vitae with a list of your publications;
  • a description of the work programme;
  • a statement of opinion by the head of the host team applied to;
  • a statement of agreement from your home university.


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