Mathematical modeling for Oncology
Mathematical modeling for Oncology

The MONC project-team aims at developing new mathematical models involving partial differential equations and statistical methods based on a precise biological and medical knowledge in order to build numerical tools based on available quantitative data about cancer. The goal is finally to be able to help clinicians and/or biologists to better understand, predict or control tumor growth and possibly evaluate the therapeutic response, in a clinical context or for pre-clinical studies. We plan to develop patient-specific approaches (mainly based on medical imaging) as well as population-type approaches in order to take advantage of available large data bases. We claim that our work may have a clinical impact that can change the way of handling certain pathologies. 

Centre(s) inria
Inria Centre at the University of Bordeaux
In partnership with
CNRS,Institut Polytechnique de Bordeaux


Team leader

Fabienne Cuyollaa

Team assistant