Reliable numerical approximations of dissipative systems
Reliable numerical approximations of dissipative systems
RAPSODI is a common research team with Université de Lille and CNRS. 
Its activity is devoted on designing, analyzing, and efficiently implementing 
some numerical schemes for dissipative models arising in physics. 
We particularly focus our attention on preserving some physical characteristics 
at the discrete level: positivity, mass conservation, growth of physical entropies, 
asymptotic behaviors… We also aim at optimizing the computational cost given 
a fixed accuracy by developing high order schemes or by the mean of a posteriori 
error control. Finally, we adapt the algorithms to the constraints of the industrial 
framework in order to incorporate them in existing codes. 
Centre(s) inria
Inria Centre at the University of Lille
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Université de Lille


Team leader

Isabelle Aslani

Team assistant