Self-adaptation for distributed services and large software systems
Self-adaptation for distributed services and large software systems
Spirals is conducting research activities in the domains of distributed systems and software sciences. We aim at introducing more automation in the adaptation mechanisms of software systems, in particular, transitioning from adaptive systems to self-adaptive systems. We target especially two properties: self-healing and self-optimization. With self-healing, we aim at studying and tailoring data mining and machine learning solutions to the design and implementation of software system, and more especially for software automatic repair. With self-optimization, we aim at sharing, collecting, and analyzing behaviors in a distributed setting to continuously tailor, optimize, and keep under working conditions software systems, and to go toward the goal of obtaining eternal distributed systems.
Centre(s) inria
Inria Centre at the University of Lille
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Université de Lille,CNRS


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Nathalie Bonte

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Karine Lewandowski

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Isabelle Aslani

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