A strategic partnership for Inria and Naval Group

Date :
Changed on 05/06/2020
On 9 December, Inria and Naval Group entered into a strategic partnership in the field of naval information systems. It will be based on the creation of joint project teams to support the company’s competitive needs.

Inria and Naval Group, the European leader in naval defence, are joining forces in the field of naval information systems. A partnership agreement has been signed by the Chief Executive Officer of each organisation, Bruno Sportisse for Inria and Hervé Guillou for Naval Group. This collaboration will draw on joint project teams, the first of which is expected to be based in Ollioules (Var). More generally, the fields of artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity and signal processing will be the focus of the project teams’ research in order to meet the needs of the naval defence sector. The new project teams will benefit from the full range of expertise provided by Inria and its academic partners in order to carry out their research.

Naval Group is a company specialised in the development of renewable marine energy and in design and support services for submarines and surface ships. Through this partnership, Naval Group intends to intensify its drive for innovation. This is crucial in light of the significant international competition in the naval defence sector. For its part, Inria is continuing its strategic support for public policies for sovereignty.