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Scientific challenges

À l'écran : modèles 3D obtenus par la méthode de stéreo multi-vues, PMVS (dévellopée par l'équipe WILLOW en collaboration avec l'université de Washington). © Inria / Photo: Kaksonen

Contributing to three major themes

  • Networks and communication systems  - Design and optimisation of infrastructures for the web and mobile networks...
  • Reliable software and security  - Development of high-quality software to meet daily needs.
  • Modelling of living things and the environment  - Modelling and simulation of organs and cell systems...

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L'Ecole Normale Supérieure : vue sur la cour, des bureaux d'une équipe INRIA (CASCADE). © Inria / Photo: Kaksonen

Developing research together

The Inria Paris research centre is pursuing its development in close partnership with universities, Grandes Ecoles, engineering schools and research organisations in the region.

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Science for all

Promoting a taste for sciences

Every year, Inria researchers invest a great deal of effort in actions to promote scientific awareness among teachers, pupils and the public at large.

In 2004, in order to reach all these audiences, the two Île-de-France centres initiated a partnership with the Versailles educational district in order to get secondary school pupils interested in computational sciences. This initiative was then extended to the educational districts of Créteil and Paris.

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Our research teams

Applied Mathematics, Computation and Simulation

Algorithmics, Programming, Software and Architecture

Networks, Systems and Services, Distributed Computing

Perception, Cognition and Interaction

Digital Health, Biology and Earth

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