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Energy transition

Charlotte Renauld - 23/05/2016

The Inria Saclay – Île-de-France Research Centre - a partner in #DRIM’ in Saclay

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#DRIM’ in Saclay is an initiative held in the Ile-de-France region aimed at promoting the values essential to the process of innovation, such as open-mindedness, collaboration, and interdisciplinary project development. Inria, which promotes "scientific excellence for technology transfer and society", shares these values and is partnering the event organised held to encourage closer links between academia and the world of industry.

Under the patronage of France's Minister for the Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs, Emmanuel Macron, this year's DRIM’ in Saclay, held on 14, 15 and 16 June 2016 , will focus on the theme of energy transition.

Most of the energy we now use comes from non-renewable, polluting and costly fossil resources. Energy transition is one of the major multidisciplinary challenges facing today's society. The challenge entails progressively implementing changes to ensure a better energy mix and lower consumption. 

The major sponsors of DRIM’ in Saclay 2016, all operators in the energy sector, launch calls for projects which require technological advances and innovation to speed up energy transition. 

EDF, ERDF, GRDF, SUEZ, ENGIE and SIREDOM have therefore set 13 challenges, including "Promoting the electric mobility sector in Essonne" and a "Serious Game" based around energy transition. Multidisciplinary work groups will pick the challenges they wish to work on during and subsequent to the event. Afterwards, the work groups will come and present their projects at a competition aimed at recognising innovation and collaboration. 

Registration and participation (both free of charge) are open to companies, entrepreneurs, researchers, doctoral students, students, associations, teaching staff, developers and jobseekers.

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