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Martin Bellet - 5/03/2014

Daphné Giorgi: "Inria focuses on training"

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Daphné Giorgi, an Inria engineer with a background in finance, is now assisting researchers from the Commands team. She regularly attends training sessions to further hone her expertise.

Very early on in her studies, Daphné Giorgi had to make a choice. She could continue along a literary track and learn Russian after graduating high school with a specialisation in literature, or switch to maths, an area that had always interested her. "I have no regrets whatsoever about choosing to study maths, especially since I know I can always learn new languages on my own. Also, my literary background made me quite open minded" .
She then went on to successfully complete her academic studies, earning two two-year Master's degrees in mathematics, one of which focused on mathematical finance. "After doing two internships in this field in 2010 and 2011, I was ready for a change of scenery" , remembers Daphné Giorgi. "I was fascinated by finance, but I wanted to find a field that operated on a more human scale" .

Assisting researchers

In September 2012, Daphné Giorgi chose to make this fresh start at Inria. "I was offered a fixed-term contract to work as a research and development engineer on the Commands team" , she explains. "My role is to assist researchers with the practical side of their projects, which they're not always able to do, either because they don't have enough time, or sometimes because they don't have the necessary scheduling skills. It's a job that requires a lot of involvement because I have to study their projects closely. I can't create a schedule if I don't have a precise understanding of what they need. What I really appreciate is how available they are" .

I wanted to find a field that operated on an human scale.

Within the Commands team, Daphné Giorgi's work focuses more specifically on BOCOP, a toolbox for troubleshooting optimal control problems. Present in both academia and the private sector, this troubleshooting tool is used to, among other things, optimise energy use in a Chilean village and methane production in a microalgal reactor.

A focus on training

In addition to her day-to-day work, Daphné Giorgi frequently attends training sessions."The more I learn, the better I can do my job" , she says. "It seems logical, but in the private sector, this mindset is not as common. I feel Inria strongly encourages us to develop our skills. I was able to take part in public speaking exercises from day one" .
Now a member of the LoOPs network, she has also had the opportunity to attend two day-long training programs that included debate sessions and guided studies.
"I will probably leave Inria at the end of my two-year contract, but I know already that it will have been a very enriching experience. I also know my work here is appreciated, because I've already received very positive feedback" .

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